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Carpet Repairs


Spilled bleach, burnt the carpets or your pets tore it up while you were out? Let us repair your carpets to look like new and help you save money.

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Carpet Stretching


It's expensive to replace your carpets. Let us extend its life by stretching it first. Our professional technicians use the best equipment to remove wrinkles, humps and tripping hazards to save you money.

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Carpet Cleaning


Large or small jobs, you can count on us to provide great service every time. No more waiting days for your carpet to dry. Our fast-drying cleaning method will leave your carpets clean and dry in a couple of hours.

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Air Duct Cleaning


Breathe freely! Our holistic full system cleaning and sanitizing treatment removes dust, microbes, allergens and mold. Clean air-ducts ensure clean air in your home and no more sneezing!

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Water Damage Carpet Repairs


Many flood mitigation companies DO NOT put your carpet and padding back together as part of their service. Our technicians can put your padding and carpet back together again.

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Dryer Vent Cleaning


Having your dryer vent cleaned is a small investment that goes a long way. Dryer vents cause 15,500 fires annually due to lint build up. We offer comprehensive cleaning of your dryer vent to help reduce the possibility of these fires.

Additional Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Our professionals help numerous business owners keep their high-traffic floors looking amazing. No job is too small of big for us to handle. We will work with you on fair pricing and can even put you on our calendar for regular carpet cleaning; quarterly, biyearly or yearly depending on your needs and budget.  Learn more


Pet Odor Control

Do you have pets? They bring so much joy to our lives but can reek havoc on our carpets. Our trained technicians know

exactly how to deal with tough pet stains and odors. We devise a customized, multiple step, treatment solution to tackle the problem.

If, during the assessment process, our technicians see a problem that is too severe for our cleaning and treatment services they will offer alternative solutions even if we do not provide the service you might need. Learn more

Carpet Protection

Often times heavy traffic areas can cause your carpet to look older than they are even after professional cleaning because permanent ware and tear has set in. If you have high traffic areas you would like to protect from heavy foot traffic such as hallways, stairs-cases, living rooms, offices, dens and area rugs we can treat these areas with 3M Scotchgard® Carpet Protection to extend the life of your carpets.  Learn more

Oriental Rug Cleaning

We carefully dry-clean your rugs onsite. Before we apply our dry-cleaning methods we access your rugs for dye bleeding to make sure our cleaning methods are safe for application. We use gentle cleaners that are PH balanced with a light citrine fragrance to clean, refresh and protect. Learn more

Hardwood Floor Care

Even with frequent cleaning, dirt, grime and minor scratches build up and become more noticeable under daily life, children’s happy feet and loyal pets. As life plays out on them a Professional Hardwood Care service helps maintain your floors with deep cleaning and natural waxing to ensure they look their best for years to come.  Learn more

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