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Fast drying carpet cleaning methods

Carpet Cleaning


Large or small jobs, you can count on us to provide great service every time. No more waiting long hours for your carpet to dry. Our fast-drying cleaning method will leave your carpets clean and dry in less than an hour.

Hardwood floor cleaning, waxing and buffing

Hardwood Floors 


Are your hardwood floors loosing their luster? Let us clean, wax and buff them for you, to remove grease film, foot prints, and dirt build-up, there by bringing them back to their best original look.

Holistic air duct and cleaning treatments

Air Duct Cleaning


Breathe freely! Our holistic full system cleaning and sanitizing treatment removes dust, microbes, allergens and mold. Clean air-ducts ensure clean air in your home and no more sneezing!

Professional technicians stretch and repair your carpet

Stretching & Repairs


It's expensive to replace your carpet. Let our professional technicians stretch and/or repair it for you. Wrinkles, humps, bleach spots, burns and pet damage can be patched with experienced hands..

Tile floor deep cleaning and stain removal

Tile & Grout Cleaning


Even though tile floors are easy to maintain they do need periodic deep cleaning to remove deeply penetrated dirt and stains. We'll get the job done with our expert tile cleaning services. 

Professional vinyl floor cleaning techniques

Vinyl Floor Cleaning


Without regular cleaning vinyl floors can become dull and look worn out. Our professional vinyl floor cleaning techniques will keep your floors looking like new.

Buying or selling your home, we offer special move-in cleaning packages.

Buying Or Selling Your Home? We Have Special Packages For You? 


For Home Buyers

You've just bought your new home, congratulations! Before you move in we would like to recommend one or more services that you may need before you make your house your home.


We offer these services as one special package with a great price for you! The package includes:


  • Carpet Stretching

  • Carpet Repairs

  • Air Duct Cleaning 


For Home Sellers

You've just put your house for sale and want to get the best price for your home. Before you put your home on the market we would like to recommend one or more services that you may need to get your asking price or higher.


We offer these services as one special package with a great price for you! The package includes:


  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet Stretching

  • Carpet Repairs

Additional Services

Red Stain Removal

With the festivities of life comes the morning after of clean-up and the discovery of spilt wine from the night before. Don't panic! Call on us and our technicians will get those stains right out. Our tried and true methods can remove wine, coffee, ink, coolade, candle wax and more.   



Pet Stain Removal & Odor Control

Do you have pets? They bring so much joy to our lives but can reek havoc on our carpets. Our trained technicians know

exactly how to deal with tough pet stains and odors. We devise a customized, multiple step, treatment solution to tackle the problem as deep as it goes - from carpet surface to padding to floor.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having your dryer vent cleaned is a small investment that goes a long way. Dryer vents cause 15,500 fires annually. These fires account for 20 deaths, 370 injuries and more than $88 million in property damage. Lint can build up in dryer vents over time. We offer a comprehensive cleaning of your dryer vent to help reduce the possibility of fires occurring from dryer lint build up.



Oriental Rug Cleaning

We carefully dry-clean your rugs onsite. Before we apply our dry-cleaning methods we test your rugs for dye bleeding to make sure our cleaning methods are safe for application. We use gentle cleaners that are PH balanced with a light citrine fragrance to clean, refresh and protect.

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