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Repair Instead of Replace and Save Money!

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​- Got a rip in your carpet?
- Spilled some nail polish doing your nails?
- Pet dug at the door to get to the other side?


Is your carpet in desperate need of repairs? Replacing your carpets in your home or business can be very expensive. No need to replace your carpet with new carpet, repair your carpet at a much lower cost and save. Flying Carpet Cleaners can help you! We’re a professional carpet repair company in the Atlanta area that specializes in repairing and restoring carpeting so that you can get more years out of it and avoid the higher cost of having to install new carpets for your home or business.

Carpet repair is a skill that not all companies perform well but we specialize in. When you call us our technicians can give you a FREE estimate over the phone. We can also send our technician out to your home or business to give you an exact estimate and often provide same-day service. You may not think we can save your carpets but let us come out and assess before you decide to buy new carpet. If you would like us to leave you an exact estimate with no same-day service there will be a small trip charge for our technician to do so. You’ll be surprised by what our experienced, bonded and insured carpet repair technicians can do. We can eliminate holes, burns, rips, tears, exposed seams, pet damage and much more from your carpets. You won’t believe your eyes when you use our carpet repair services.

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