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Permanent Wrinkle Removal Guaranteed!

  • Notice your carpets becoming loose?

  • Tripping on those waves and ripples in your carpets?

  • Getting ready to sell your house and want your carpets to pass inspection?


We understand your home is your sanctuary even more so in these times. A major part of your home is your carpets and to replace them can be very costly. You don’t have to! Oftentimes getting your carpets professionally restretched can save you having to replace them for several years and save you a lot of money.


If you see ripples on your carpet, you may have a problem. As soon as it begins to loosen and ripples form carpet fibers wear faster while dirt gets trapped in them and create permanent stains. The longer the ripples remains, the faster it grows and stains. Ripples grow by walking on them, causing the carpet to loosen causing tripping hazards that can cause injury.


It is for this reason we recommend restretching as soon as you see ripples forming. Take action, don’t delay! Restretching can fix ripples and buckles so your carpet lays back flat and you don’t have to waste money replacing it. Also, if you are getting ready to sell your house, inspectors will often have you fix ripples they see in your carpet during inspection. Removing them ensures your carpets pass inspection and are more appealing when selling your home.

Carpet stretching essentially involves pulling the carpet up from three edges of the room, stretching it to proper tightness with a power stretcher, cutting off the excess carpet, tacking it back down into place and finally tucking it in along the edge. We often have to move furniture during the this process. All we ask is that you remove any items that may fall or break. Your valuables are very precious to you and we treat them like our own. We are very careful moving furniture and make sure to put everything back in its original place as we found it.


You can do an easy test to see if your carpets need to be stretched! Simply lift carpet up at the center and let go. If the carpet snaps back quickly and lies flat you probably do not need to stretch it. However, if it does slowly goes back into place or does not lay flat then your carpet may need stretching. Let us re-stretch your carpets! Our senior technicians are certified in repairs and re-installation and use only the best tools and techniques to ensure proper carpet care, extending the life of your carpet and saving you money.

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