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Five Reasons To Always Get Carpet Protector

  1. Save your traffic areas from wear and tear. Traffic area soil is very abrasive, cutting carpet yarns like a knife. Carpet protector application allows more soil to be released and vacuumed up from the carpet pile more effectively there by extending the life of your carpet.

  2. Make spills easier to remove. Use less cleaner, less agitation and less time to remove spills when carpet has been treated with protector.

  3. Reduce permanent stains. Unprotected carpet doesn’t repel spills as well as protected carpet. Carpet protector helps you avoid permanent staining by allowing you to remove spots and spills more effectively.

  4. Avoid costly service calls. There are times you may need professional stain removal services. However, carpet with protector allows you to remove more stains yourself than carpet without, saving you lots of money.

  5. Make your next professional cleaning service more effective. Having protector on your carpets allows more soil to be removed the next time your carpets are professionally cleaned.


Our Process

After running the carpet cleaning machine we add the carpet protection service in these additional steps:

  • Apply Moisture-Resisting Carpet Protector

    On the selected areas we pressure-spray an even coat of carpet protector.

  • Create Protection Barrier On Fibers

    Using a carpet rake we comb the fibers to allows the carpet protector to work into the fibers forming a protective barrier deep into the carpet.

  • Final Inspection

    Final walk-through of cleaned surfaces to ensure you are pleased with the outcome. Once the carpet dries completely the protective barrier will form a seal around each fiber, keeping it cleaner and more stain-resistant for longer.

Your carpet will look better and last longer when it is protected.

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carpet protection, protects heavy traffic areas from stains and dirt buildup, allows for easy cleanups
carpet protection, protects heavy traffic areas from stains and dirt buildup, allows for easy cleanups


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