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Fresh and Clean from
Wall to Wall


Large or small jobs, you can count on us to provide great service every time. No more waiting long hours for your carpet to dry. Our fast-drying cleaning method will leave your carpets fresh, clean and dry in less than an hour.


At Flying Carpet Cleaners we invest in the latest commercial grade equipment and the best green cleaning solutions on the market that are safe for you, your children and your pets. Our residential and commercial carpet cleaning services remove dirt and contaminants leaving your carpet refreshed.



Our 7 STEP Carpet Cleaning
  1. Assessment
    We do a thorough walk through of your carpets to identify your concerns, give recommendations and set clear expectations and outcomes prior to cleaning.

  2. Dry Dirt Removal
    This is one of the most important part of the cleaning process. We pre-vacuum all surfaces to be cleaned using commercial-grade vacuums with HEPA filters. This prepares the fibers for cleaning.

  3. Cleaning Solution Application
    Pre-spraying our cleaning solutions helps break down heavily soiled, stained and pet-stained areas, as-well-as, address sticky substances left behind by spills and foot traffic.

  4. Agitation and Cleaning
    We use our rotating brush machine (buffer) and thick towel pads to agitate and absorb loose dirt and remove stains.

  5. Apply Carpet Protector (optional)
    Cleaning the carpets and remove some of the carpet protector (i.e. Scotchgard) from the fibers, therefore it is recommended by carpet manufacturers to re-apply carpet protector after cleaning. This helps the carpet fibers to maintain resistance to spills or stains, and makes easier to clean in the future.

  6. Grooming Carpet
    Using a carpet rake we comb the carpet fibers repositioning them to their original state. This allows the carpet protector if applied to work into the fibers while allowing the fibers to dry in an even pattern. This step removes any lines made by the machine while cleaning.

  7. Final Inspection
    Final walkthrough of cleaned surfaces to ensure you are pleased with the outcome.



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